Radiohead vignette contest results

I am honored that Radiohead picked my vignette as the winner of their vignette competition. Thank you Radiohead for making this happen and for allowing artists of all different types to share a different perspective on your beautiful music. This has been surreal.

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Social Somethings

You may have noticed the Social Somethings tab on this website, feel free to go there and check out my new music project. We are dedicated musicians and we’ve got a lot of big goals and dreams for our music. You can also find us on Facebook if you’re in to that kind of thing. We are looking forward to finally bringing our music, art, and animation projects together.

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Sloppy Cursive by Remy Jacuzzi – My most recent freelance project

“Thank you so much for all your hard work on this video it came out beautiful I sent you a link to it and I put it on my youtube and I put all the credits in there and I can add the link to your site in the description if you want thanks again you’re amazing – Remy”

I recently finished a music video for Remy Jacuzzi who was a joy to work for. He was very patient while I compressed everything into the nice little package that is this video. It’s always great to work with other artists and I truly enjoyed this project. You can check out Remy’s album here!

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Sad Satan – Audio Reversed

Obscure Horror Corner on YouTube has been posting some pretty interesting videos of a creepy game from the deep web called Sad Satan. I’ve been working on animations tonight and watching these videos on the side. There was one part in particular that stuck out in Episode 4 where around the 2 minute mark there’s some audio but everything is reversed; this made me curious so I decided to reverse it to see what they are saying.

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I haven’t been writing very often but something recently piqued my interest enough to spark my will into making this post. Some of you are probably familiar with, if you’re not familiar with it you’ll notice that it’s quite similar to Reddit in terms of layout. But the layout is where the similarities stop. is geared to create an open and healthy environment based off of the principles of freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

One thing that really caught my eye was the sidebar text on /v/youtube, it reads:

Warning! This sub may not be about what you think it is!

Here at /v/youtube we are not about youtube especifically, because that would be boring, no one wants to follow what youtube is doing, instead we are about videos.

More especifically the videos you made. This is a subverse about sharing your own channel’s videos for self promotion


1. Only post your own original content.

2. Do not overpost.

This is not your personal spam box, you are supposed to self promote, but only one video a week, so make sure you choose it well.

Failure to comply to this rule will earn you a one week ban.

Sure it has a few rules but those rules are fair and it gives the internet back to the community. They want to give the creators a space where they can share without shame. I gladly posted a video on there today and I look forward to posting another one next week. I’ve tried to share my original work on Reddit before and some of the guidelines were so strict that my videos were taken down.

Voat has an awesome community so far and it hasn’t been corrupted by greed. I’ve found a place that supports Original Content, as far as I’m concerned is my new home on the internet. They’ve got a bright future and the sites founder @Atko seems to be steering the ship in the right direction.

I believe Voat user caffeine_pills put it best… “Don’t. Fuck. It. Up.”

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Introducing Tired Vegetables!

Earlier this year I was approached with this project and I am very pleased to announce that Cabbage Fucker has finally been released on the new Tired Vegetables YouTube channel. The beginning of something interesting is upon us. Enjoy!

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Space Engine drives my curiosity.

A screenshot I took while playing around with Space Engine.

I’ve always been fascinated by the universe and that’s why I’m glad that I found Space Engine today. Space Engine was created by a man named Vladimir Romanyuk, a great programmer! What he created here is wonderful.

Imagine being dropped in the universe and told that you can go anywhere you want to. Where would you go first? With Space Engine you can explore the solar system with ease. Visit planets, land on them, check out their moons, then go to neighboring galaxies, countless stars, and try to comprehend the big picture. This is an amazing experience. A lot of time and energy went into development of this very sophisticated space explorer.

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Erppy; Barry Martin’s Hopalong Orbits Visualizer

Erppy is like exploring the inside of a fractal and diving deeper and deeper into the unknown. Erppy was put together by Iacopo Sassarini using a simple algorithm and a mix of 3d rendering via webGL and three.js and the result is absolutely breathtaking. I find it interesting that so many different programs and one-off websites have Google employees behind them. Iacopo is indeed an employee of Google just like the creator of Patatap which I wrote about not too long ago. This is not planned, I just found things I liked and now I’m seeing a connection between them. You should really check out Erppy if you feel like slipping into the center of an infinite fractal abyss.

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Cachemonet is what happens when you take 2 random gifs sourced from tumblr and put them together with music. You get a lot of interesting variations of images. There’s a lot of MSDOS and Windows95-XP era stuff in there too, pretty nostalgic. The site refers to its content as “autonomous generative art” which makes sense to me. You’ll hear some great sounds in there too that are mixed nicely with the music. If you want to sing praises directly to the creator of Cachemonet just hit him up on twitter @tim_nolan.

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Who needs real TV when there’s exists because of a man named Paul Neave who spends his time building creative and artistic web applications and software via Neave Interactive. specifically caught my attention because it’s so random and definitely something you can get lost in. Don’t like what you see? No problem just click the screen for something different! If you’re anything like me and enjoy Robot Chicken, Sexual Lobster, David Firth, you’ll feel right at home watching Neave TV.

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